Commercial Maintenance Service Minnesota

Preventative and scheduled maintenance options

Grounds Rounds Service

Grounds technicians play a vital role in maintaining the appearance and safety of your property.

Tenant satisfaction and curb appeal are maximized when litter and debris is picked up on scheduled rounds.

Vacancies and mechanical rooms are kept clean and maintained.

Grounds technicians report any maintenance issues that they observe. Early detection saves dollars.

We'll be your eyes on the ground and roll up our sleeves to keep your property looking its best!

The Maintenance Team has been wonderful. They handled a tough situation, and they got it resolved just in time.
— Chanda Wampler, Exostat Medical

Grounds Rounds Services

  • Pick-up litter and debris from grounds, parking areas and sidewalks
  • Empty sidewalk trash containers and replace liners
  • Power washing
  • Scheduled building rounds
  • Monitor lighting
  • Vacancy cleaning/monitoring
  • Water exterior plants and flowers